Body Mapping

Workshop Jan 30th & 31st 2016

Body Mapping workshop opportunity

Seasons of a Woman

September 21 - 23

Opening event: Sunday 20 September ,12pm - 3pm

Open: 10am - 3pm

Centrespace Gallery, Corn St, Central Bristol

Body Mapping starts with having the outline of your body traced on a large piece of paper. Then through a process of steps you start to express what arises as you visually take-in and somatically respond to your body outline. Twelve women, including me exhibited their finished body maps in Bristol at a gallery in the centre of this energetic, progressive city, and the work was received with powerful responses, sometimes tears. All the body maps had a powerful and unique story to tell. Themes included loves and losses; health and illness; yearning and abandonment as well as secrets and ancestral trauma uncovered. People at the launch event, the artists gave short explanations of their work including dance and poetry. When I gave my presentation I spoke of the power of Body Mapping because the process of looking deep within ourselves, is not only a psychological and emotional act, but it is also a political act. This is because it can change the way we perceive ourselves and therefore how we perceive others. We also become more aware of the power dynamics within the society we live in. The exhibition (which was extremely well received by the public) left me with the enquiry that is voiced by a growing number of people: 'if the culture and the rules by which we live by do not support our deepest yearnings for justice, understanding and compassion, how can we develop that society?' 

I have been inspired by this creative process to offer workshops to others interested in taking this journey. I intend to offer these in the New Year in Bristol. Please contact me ( if you are interested as I am currently gathering together a list.

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